Didge Head Radio Festival

Didge Head Radio Festival

What a great event, thanks to Gerry and his team for organising the Didge Head Radio Festival on the Isle of Wight.

My performance on the Sunday was well received and if it looked as if I was enjoying it, that’s because I was.

Here’s a clip of me playing an impromptu piece next to Aboriginal Arts Colin’s stall.

A big hello to my didjeridu friends

Hello to my didjeridu contemporaries from past and present and the folk who support me

  • Peter and Ivanka
  • Jackie and James
  • John Brad and ‘Buckley’
  • Phil Mordecai
  • Colin from Aboriginal Arts
  • Serious Sticks John
  • ‘Musical Mud’ Michelle
  • Aldaman
  • didgeridoo Pete
  • Gavin Blench
  • Sika
  • Antic Earthworks Ant
  • all the Kangaroo Moon posse
  • Steve and Smokey (the dog)


  1. It was such a genuine pleasure to spend time in company with you Sandy, thanks for the inspiration and we hope our paths cross again soon. take care dude, love and best wishes J&J. Xx

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