Meinl Didgeridoo – Black

APPIP ERROR: amazonproducts[ UnrecognizedClient|The Access Key ID or security token included in the request is invalid. ] Meinl Bamboo Didgeridoo. The new MEINL Didgeridoos are a great way to get started on the oldest wind instrument in the world. It makes a distinctive drone with harmonic overtones, and goes great with all kinds of percussion.MORE

Bamboo Didgeridoo Painted in Aboriginal Style

A distinctive, high quality, hand made bamboo didgeridoo that is decorated in a stunning Aboriginal dot painting design. The didgeridoo is a unique instrument, originating from the Aboriginal people of Northern Australia, that makes a deep, earthy, vibrating sound. This Didgeridoo is suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

The Didgeridoo (Book and CD)

The didgeridoo is an ancient instrument of the Aborigines of Australia, but the discovery of its rhythmic and harmonic richness has only been in the West for a few years.

This work gives all the essential advice needed to test, appreciate and buy a didgeridoo.

Didgeridoo: Ritual Origins and Playing Techniques

The didgeridoo plays an important role in the creation myths of the original inhabitants of Australia. The sound of this wind instrument helped create the world and everything in the world.