The Swan, Hampton Wick

The Swan, Hampton Wick

On Saturday 3rd March 2012, I will be performing a short set with Mildred at the Swan in Hampton Wick. MORE

The Didgeridoo (Book and CD)

The didgeridoo is an ancient instrument of the Aborigines of Australia, but the discovery of its rhythmic and harmonic richness has only been in the West for a few years.

This work gives all the essential advice needed to test, appreciate and buy a didgeridoo.

Didgeridoo: Ritual Origins and Playing Techniques

The didgeridoo plays an important role in the creation myths of the original inhabitants of Australia. The sound of this wind instrument helped create the world and everything in the world.

How to Play the Didgeridoo

This DVD takes you through all the stages of playing from beginner to circular breathing and into advanced playing styles with lots of tips and sounds to help you learn to play quickly and easily.